Sand Proof Residential Windmill Turbine With 400watt Wind Power Generator For Remote Area

Sand Proof Home Wind Turbine System With 400watt Wind Power Generator For Remote Area



HY-Energy wind turbine special features


· CE certified for "Small Wind Turbine with High Reliability".

· 5 blade designed for low wind area, light breeze start up

· Amazingly quiet operation with minimal vibration.

· Long lifetime, free of maintenance

· Fully automatic with blade aerodynamic braking and controller electromagnetic braking.

· High efficiency is achieved by matching design of the generator and blades perfectly.

· Patented Blades with twisted aerodynamic design made with strengthened Nylon-fiberglass material

· Anti-rust & anticorrosion

· Light weight, easy installation, no welding needed. Pole connector provided with bolt-on clamp or flange


Specifications of HY-400 wind turbine


Model HY-400
Rated Power 400W
Max. Power 500W
Rated Voltage 12Vdc 24Vdc 48Vdc
Rated rotation speed 750rpm
Start-up Wind Speed 2.0m/s
Cut-in Wind Speed 2.5m/s
Rated Wind Speed 12m/s
Survival Wind Speed 50m/s
Rotor Diameter 1.55m
Blades Quantity 5
Swept area 1.89m²
Noise Level <20 dB (5m behind turbine @5m/s gusting)
Generator Type Three phase PMA
Wind Turbine Type Upwind
Tower connection Flange connection or bolt-on clamp
Temperature -40°C~60°C
Strong wind protection mode electromagnetic brake, blades aerodynamic brake
Service life 15 years
Net weight 22kg
Gross weight 25kg
Package size 118×46×26cm




Wind on grid / grid tied system for electricity reduction or FIT

Wind and solar hybrid off grid home system

Wind and solar hybrid street lights system

Wind and solar hybrid CCTV system

Wind and solar hybrid telecommunication station system


Safety Instructions


Before HY series small wind turbine installation, you must know:

  • Do not install wind turbine on a windy day or dusty day with wind speed more than 8m/s.
  • Wearing wet gloves or clothes are forbidden.
  • Installing or maintaining wind turbine must be under professionals’ guidance or contacting distributors.
  • Please Using cables as the standard mentioned in this user manual section 4 (wire size selection), cables too thin or with poor quality may lead to leakage or fires and line losses.
  • Non-professionals do not open the controller and inverter enclosure, any warranty claim will not be accepted if controller or inverter opened unauthorized.
  • Grounding device installation must be in accordance with application standard and installation instruction.
  • Battery wiring may splash spark, please makes sure without any inflammable near the work environment.
  • Please do not place the controller, inverter and battery at damp, rain, vibration, corrosion and strong electromagnetic interference environment, the places in direct sunlight, near heater or other heat sources are not allowed either.
  • Selection and installation requirements of controller and inverter:
  • Controller specification should be accordance with voltage, power, current of battery, solar panel battery set, and wind turbine and laden.
  • It is appropriated to install controller and battery in the same distribution box, and place it at a drafty room out of people reaching. Take some methods to prevent children from entering or stretching out hands into box.
  • Controller and battery installation should be accordance with relevant electrical equipment installation specification and comply with the operation specification constituted by manufacturer.
  • It is appropriated to use sealed lead acid battery for distribution box at inhabited room.




Home Wind Turbine System

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